Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bon Temps Grill

After hearing many, many people tell me about how good the food is at Bon Temps Grill, I figured I'd have to finally try it.  Walking out of that place felt like someone just played a horrible joke on me.  The worst part is, it started out so good. 

I'm going to have to recommend for those of you that choose to assault your taste buds with this "food", that you start with the sausage and boudin board as an appetizer.  Holy crap on a cracker that was really good. The sausages and boudin were hot.  I'm talking fresh off the grill, right from the seventh circle of hell hot. The garlic bread was warm, buttery, and garlic just seemed to dance around every bite.  The appetizer came with two "dipping sauces" for you to enjoy with your meats.  The red onion aioli isn't an aioli.  This is more of a paste, but it does have a good smoky flavor to it.  The "creole" mustard, I could've done without.  I'm an advocate of a good mustard, but for the love of God, DO NOT bring me a mustard that looks like a nice spicy brown mustard but tastes like a "Sweet Baby Jesus" tangy cup of bitterness. 

The menu was a bit small, but after a bit of deliberation, I finally decided on one of my favorite dishes... Shrimp and Tasso pasta.  *Buzzer noise*  Nope, wrong... please try again...  That has to have been one of the nastiest things I've ever put in my mouth.    First off, if you're gonna say that there's tasso in it, then by all means, DON'T LEAVE OUT THE TASSO.  Second, I really couldn't taste a symphony of flavors.  All I got were the power chords of red pepper, paprika, and garlic.  Now, I understand those are some great flavors, when used appropriately, but not when the entire bowl got treated like a red headed step-child.  People, you need to learn that a delicate balance is needed when seasoning a shrimp dish... Or a fish dish... Or ANY dish for that matter. 

Now, to start on the side dishes that I ordered, the cheese grits and the grilled (I'm sure they would have been if they could find the grill) asparagus.  The grits were beyond thick and dried.  It looked like I was eating a yellow-ish drywall patch.  I'm talking dried out wood-filler... It didn't even taste like grits.  The "There's no way in hell this actually touched a hot grill" grilled asparagus had not one grill mark.  NOT ONE!!  The insides of asparagus were still completely raw.  I could barely cut them with the butter knife I was provided. 

My server was actually a good server.  I got refills without asking, and she even waited a couple of minutes to put in my entree order to ensure I got my appetizer first.  I even got to speak with a manager (or he might have been an owner).  He attempted a few times to make up for the mistakes that were made tonight, but I didn't honestly trust that kitchen after what I had just eaten.

If you want to go try them out, by all means, go.  I'm just hoping that you have a better experience than I did.  I highly doubt I'll ever step foot in that place again, but if I do, it will be after that saute cook has been fired and vows to never work in a kitchen again.  Not even as a dishwasher....

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